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The Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED)

The annotated review of European Union law and policy with reference to disability is published

One of the functions of ANED is to establish a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating EU laws and policies that affect disabled people (including, for example, legislation, communications and resolutions of the Council, Parliament and Commission, and of associated committees, etc.). The annotated review of EU legislation and policy instruments presented here both updates and extends a mapping of legislative instruments first conducted for ANED in 2008, and carried out on annual basis since then. This review covers instruments adopted up to December 2016.

The review covers both disability-specific and mainstream instruments insofar as they either mention disability explicitly or could in another way be interpreted as covering disability. The review therefore provides evidence of the extent to which disability is being mainstreamed in different areas of EU law and policy. The summaries and examples presented here relate to primary and secondary EU legislation currently in force, as well as the most important soft-law instruments. Given the significant number of soft-law instruments relating to disability, and the speed at which they are updated and become out-of-date, the emphasis is placed on the instruments that have been adopted after the conclusion of the CRPD by the EC/EU in 2010.

Each section consists of an introductory narrative which is followed by a list of annotations on each individual instrument. The annotations include a hyperlink to the instrument and a short description of the instrument’s relevance to disability policy, together with references to the most relevant provisions of the instrument, wherever possible.

This annotated review has been prepared by Janina Arsenjeva, under the direction of Professor Lisa Waddington - January 2017. 

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Each year we assess evidence relevant to progress on the EU2020 Strategy from a disability perspective.

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DOTCOM describes the policy and legal situation across the EU in the light of the commitments undertaken for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

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Based on data of Eurostat it can be estimated that there are approximately 80 million EU citizens with disabilities.

The EU and its Member States cooperate to ensure the enjoyment of their rights of EU citizens with disabilities and their participation in society on an equal basis with others as provided in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and the EU Disability Strategy and relevant EU legislation.

The Academic Network of Disability Experts (ANED) supports the European Commission and the EU Member States by providing independent scientific advice, analysis and information on EU and national disability policies and legislation, links of national policies with the EU level, as well as information about the situation of persons with disabilities.

Thematic priorities for ANED’s annual work programmes in fields as employment, education, health and social protection are discussed and agreed with the European Commission, to ensure relevance for the main priority issues for EU citizens with disabilities.