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Data and research

Enquiries about official data on disability issues can be directed to:

National disability survey data:

  • 2009 Survey on Disabled People.
  • Linno, T. Puuetega täiskasvanute toimetulek ja puudega kaasnev hoolduskoormus./ The subsistence of disabled adult population and burden of nursing care related to disability. Sotsiaalministeeriumi Toimetised Nr. 7/2010. Tallinn, Sotsiaalministeerium
  • Masso, Märt, Pedastsaar Katrin. Puuetega inimeste toimetulek ja vajadused / Märt Masso, Katrin Pedastsaar ; EV Sotsiaalministeerium, sotsiaalpoliitika info ja analüüsi osakond. – Tallinn, 2007. – 18 lk. - (Sotsiaalministeeriumi toimetised. Poliitikaanalüüs, ISSN 1736-3896, ISSN 1736-390X; 2007, 1). (Masso Märt. Pedastsaar, Katrin. The subsistence and needs of people with disabilities. Proceedings of Ministry of Social Affairs No.1, 2007, only in Estonian) on the basis of the Survey on Disabled Population in Estonia in 2006.)

Key academic journals or networks:


Recent research studies and publications include:

  • Vehmas, Simo. (2011). Disability and moral responsibility. Trames. Vol.15(2), pp. 156–167.
  • Regina Paabo, Monika Födisch, and Liivi Hollman.(2009) Rules for Estonian sign language transcription. Trames, vol.13 (4), pp.401–424.
  • Kasearu, Kairi, D. Kutsar.(2010). Informal Support Networks in a Changing Society – are Family-Based Networks Being ‘Crowded Out’. Studies of Transition States and Societies. Vol.2(1). Pp.56-73.
  • Katre Altmets, Kalev Katus, Allan Puur, Astrid Saava, Anneli Uusküla (2008). Activity limitations of Estonian adult population: prevalence and real assistance. Eesti Arst  87(2):92−101.
  • Mare Ruuge (2008). Health and daily coping. Eesti Arst  88(Lisa2):69−79.
  • Virve-Ines Laidmäe, Taimi Tulva, Milvi Sepp. (2010). Health evaluations and attitudes towards ageing of the middle-aged. Eesti Arst; 89(2):95-106.
  • Astrid Saava, Allan Puur, Katre Altmets, Luule Sakkeus, Anneli Uusküla (2011). Non-fatal injuries resulting in activity limitations in Estonia: a retrospective population- based study. Eesti Arst; 90(4):165−173.
  • Virve-Ines Laidmäe, Taimi Tulva, Lauri Leppik, Krista Tammsaar, Helika Saar. (2011). Health and quality of life in older age. Eesti Arst; 90(8):372–379.
  • Eelmäe, P.; Pill, K. (2009). Estonian kindergarten teachers preparedness to teach disabled children. In: Proceedings of the 10th Congress of European Federation for Rehabilitation for Research in Rehabilitation: 10th Congress of European Federation for Rehabilitation for Research in Rehabilitation, Riga, Latvia, 09-12 September. (Toim.) Martincek, C; Fazekas, G.; Burger, H.; Harth, A.; Vilks, A. London: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009, 96.
  • Jakobson, A.; Kikas, E. (2007). Cognitive functioning in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with and without comorbid learning disabilities, and non-disabled children. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 40(3), 194 - 202.
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