Academic network of European disability experts (ANED)
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Policy contacts

The main contact point for co-ordination of disability policy at the national level is:

Public information about disability entitlements and benefits is available from:

Other important national bodies with responsibility for disability issues include:

  • Key government Ministries are responsible for disability law and policy implementation in their respective areas, while the municipalities are required to provide health and social services locally (coordinated by the Provincial State Offices).
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health takes the lead in policies concerned with social welfare and health care, as well as monitoring services. The National Institute for Health and Welfare is a combined research and development institute operating under the auspices of the Ministry (which also develops disability statistics and information).
  • The Ministry of Employment and the Economy assumes responsibility in its key areas.
  • The National Council on Disability is a national co-operative body, which involves key government departments with organisations of disabled people and their families. There are also local municipal disability councils.
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