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Privacy statement

Why this statement?

Human European Consultancy collects personal data through this website and uses cookies.    

This privacy statement explains which data are collected, why and how these data are managed, used and protected. 

All data are handled with great care and in conformity with the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation. 

Why does Human European Consultancy collect your personal data, what are these used for and will these be processed and stored?

Human European Consultancy collects and uses personal data provided by visitors of the website. Data that have been provided through this website will only be send to an e-mail address of Human European Consultancy and are processed and stored only for the purpose for which these have been provided. 

Personal data will be used by employees for internal operational processes. It could be essential to enter your personal data into a system that Human European Consultancy uses for its administration. Your personal data will not be entered into a system if it is not essential. 

The systems are protected with a personal login and password. In addition, employees do not have access to every system. They only have access to the systems they need for doing the tasks belonging to their position. 

Your personal data will not be shared with or provided to organizations outside Human European Consultancy, except when it serves the purpose for which your personal data was collected or when the law requires Human European Consultancy to do so. 

Your personal data will not be kept longer than needed, in conformity with Article 5, section 1c of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Cookies to improve the functioning of the website 

The website uses cookies. These cookies guarantee that the website works properly. 

The website registers in logfiles each visit of a page, together with the IP address of the visitor to detect errors and security of the site. The logfiles are deleted after a week. 

Analytical cookies 

To improve the website Google analytics is used for collecting statistical data. This is done under a third party processing agreement which excludes exchange of data with other Google services. Your IP address and time spent on the website will be saved. However, these data are anonymous. 

How can you view, change and delete your personal data?

 You have the right to view, change or delete your personal data. If you want to make use of this right or if you have any questions regarding your personal data, please contact Human European Consultancy and email to the following email address: 

Updating this privacy statement

A more comprehensive privacy policy statement is available is Dutch and can be downloaded here.

Human European Consultancy can always update this privacy statement according to new laws, legislation and/or work procedures. This privacy statement was last updated, and is effective as of May 22nd, 2018.