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The Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED)

ANEDs Third Annual Meeting

On 1st December 2010 ANED held its third Annual Meeting in Brussels, bringing together its academic members from all 29 EU/EEA Member States with representatives from the Commission staff and key invited guests. The annual meeting provides an important opportunity for members to share expertise, to exchange ideas and to consider the future work programme of the Network.

Johan Ten Geuzendam (Head of the European Commission’s Disability Unit)emphasized the value of ANED to the Commission. ANED’s research in the previous year had proved extremely helpful in assisting the formulation of the new European Disability Strategy 2010-2020, and over the next year the Commission will be looking to ANED for support in implementing that strategy, and measuring progress. ANED’s research has a growing influence on policy and practice, and the Commission recognises the continuing need for a network of experts after the current period of funding ends in 2011.


Professor Mark Priestley (Scientific Director of ANED, University of Leeds) summarised ANED’s work over the previous year in relation to the key task topics:

  • European disability law and policy
  • comparative data and indicators
  • thematic report on education and training
  • OMC updates on employment and SPSI
  • additional information requests
  • annual academic meeting

The focus for key tasks in 2011 will be:

  • update review of European disability law and policy
  • update and expand the comparative indicators
  • design and pilot a new strategy monitoring tool
  • provide input to the employment and growth survey
  • provide input to the Social OMC

The meeting addressed two key questions:

  • What evidence is needed to support progress in the new European Disability Strategy?
  • What knowledge, expertise and methods can ANED contribute?

Presentation Professor Mark Priestley:
Powerpoint (PDF 155 kB)
Handout (PDF 155 kB)

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