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EU law and policy - Priorities for future law and policy development by the EC

Participants ANED annual meeting 2010

Professor Lisa Waddington (University of Maastricht) presented the conclusions of the ANED Working Group on the priorities for future law and policy development by the EC during the 2009 ANED Annual Meeting.

Presentation Prof. Lisa Waddington:

Powerpoint (pdf 275 kB)
Handout (pdf 53 kB)

The implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities at EC level provides the framework for the proposed priorities. The working group considered the following fields:

  • Consumer Protection / Internal Market
  • E-accessibility
  • EU budget
  • Reasonable Accommodation and Non-Discrimination
  • Combating multiple discrimination which impacts on disabled women, and social policy with regard to disabled women
  • Regional Policy and Structural Funds
  • Independent / Community Living
  • External Relations and International Cooperation

The Report recommended using a wide range of instruments. Two major themes were the need for enhanced mainstreaming of disability and the need to ensure that EC funding is not used to discriminate against disabled people or perpetuate disadvantage.

The Group made proposals relating to:

  • Amending existing EC legislation
  • Institutional innovation
  • Use of Research funding
  • Funding for studies
  • Conditions attached to funding
  • Training and capacity building
  • Guidelines