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The Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED)

EU2020 - Europe 2020: using evidence in the policy process


ANED Annual meeting 12 November 2013, Brussels

Professor Mark Priestley (Scientific Director of ANED, University of Leeds) outlined the most relevant strategy targets in relation to research on employment, education and poverty risk and provided trends and thematic concerns raised based on the input of the country researchers.

Els Mortier (European Commission) gave an overview of the structure and process of the European Semester, focusing on the opportunities and expectations for ANED’s input.

Additionally, Professor Mark Priestley and Els Mortier provided an overview of ANED’s activity and inputs relevant to the EU2020 Strategy.

Experts further discussed the type of evidence that is most useful to input into the policy cycle and the significance of directing commentary on Commission Staff Working Papers and Country Specific Recommendations.

Handout Prof. Mark Priestley (472 kB)